Is Fixed Layout EPUBS a replacement for DPS?

Adobe InDesign training delivered by Adobe Certified Instructors

Adobe InDesign training delivered by Adobe Certified Instructors

I was among the many many people who were disappointed when Adobe decided Single Edition DPS subscriptions were to be a thing of the past. All those apps I’d intended to make were never going to see the light of day. My vegetarian cookbook where every recipe only needs 4 ingredients, dedicated to everyone who asks “What do you eat?” on hearing you’re vegetarian.

So is this the end of interactive publications for the small time self publisher?

I’ve just completed a lengthy InDesign document using many interactive features, animation, hyperlinks, buttons, slide-shows, video to name a few.
I am excited that this document can now be exported as a Fixed Layout EPUB with all these features supported. It can be viewable on and iPad as well as android devices. It can also be viewed on a computer using Adobe Digital Editions.
Navigational table of contents can be included or generated automatically.
Thumbnails allow the reader to swipe through the publication, there is a search feature built in which can detect specific words, you can bookmark your page in the publication. These are standard features if you’re used to reading books on an eReader. But here’s the difference. With a Fixed Layout EPUB┬áit looks like a book, or a magazine. Design, layout and typography are not compromised.

So is this the way forward? I’m hoping it is. When Digital Publishing Suite first hit our computers, it’s interactive features were limited. Many of them could be described cumbersome workarounds. As it developed, things became easier and exciting features were being added within a short space of time. I’m hoping this will be the case for Fixed Layout EPUBs. Watch this interactive space!

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