Going the extra mile


Who doesn’t like to be told they’re appreciated or have done a good job! Compliments make a difference to how you feel about the performance you’ve delivered or the job you’ve just completed.

Each time I deliver a training course, I request my delegates to complete a feedback sheet. This is to gauge how the training has gone and if their objectives have been met. It’s a request, not a mandatory requirement so I’m always glad when I’ve received notification that they have been submitted.

The form is mainly a box ticking exercise, a standard feedback form. At the end of each form there is the option to leave feedback and comments. This is the destination I quickly scroll to. In this box I get the true measure of what the experience has been for the individual and it’s these comments that I take onboard the most. Sometimes the box has been left blank, often there will be a generic comment albeit complimentary, but occasionally there will a comment that makes my heart smile. I got one such comment today and it’s truly made my day.

” . . . she went the extra mile”. Truth be told I go the extra mile every time I deliver training, but seeing it written down and knowing someone noticed makes it all the better.

Alma Strutt